Books to Read to Your Children

As a parent one of the most important things you can do is to teach your child how to read, simply by reading to them. Books are a wonderful tool that can teach your child lessons on topics we may not be sure how to approach, and can also help reinforce lessons they may already know. Whether reading together during the day or before bed, here is a list of books that hold positive messages and can help build character.


Book Recommendations

By Dr. Seuss 

  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go! 

By Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Big Words for Little People
  • Books to Grow By Treasury
  • Is There Really a Human Race?
  • It’s Hard to Be Five
  • My Mommy Hung the Moon
  • Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born
  • Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day
  • When I Was Little
  • Where Do Balloons Go?
  • Have you filled you bucket today? 

By Lizzy Rockwell

  • A Nest Full of Eggs
  • Apples and Pumpkins
  • Career Day
  • Good Enough to Eat
  • Halloween Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Show & Tell Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The Busy Body Book
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Who Lives in an Alligator Hole? 

By Watty Piper

  • The Little Engine That Could
  • My Body Belongs To Me

By Liz Boyd

  • Inside Outside 

By Nikki McClure

  • To Market, To Market