Healthy Habits is coming to a school near you!

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Starting in early March, members of the Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services Team have been heading out to share our nutrition education program, Healthy Habits, with New York City students. It has already proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience for both the students and teachers!
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Do 13 year olds really think about six-pack abs?

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Guest blogger and registered dietitian, Elyse Falk, reminds us that boys can also fall prey to those troubling messages in the media about body image and dieting.
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A Blueprint for Your Child’s Nutritional Intake

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Parents today seem to take a black and white approach to their children’s nutritional intakes, otherwise known as diets. While some deprive their children of all food containing what’s now considered unhealthy for fear of weight-gain and obesity, like products containing white flour and high fructose corn syrup, the rest of the parent population only provides their children with refined and fast food. If you fall into either of these categories, you may be doing your child a disservice.
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A child’s right to say “No thank you!”


A child’s right to say “No thank you!”   I remember looking at burgers—just staring at those odd-looking congealed brown globs. I felt absolutely repulsed! I hated red meat when I was growing up. The smell, the blood-colored juices spilling out, the chewy texture, and ugh—the taste! My dad ate red meat every night and this revolted me even more. Everyone told me that red meat was good for me—that I needed to eat it. Well, I ate some red [...]
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Teaching Nutrition in School


Like so many things affecting their children, parents tend to disagree on whether sex, sexual orientation or religion should be taught in school. Well, this mom (and an RD) often wonders if nutrition should be taught in school. Teachers are not experts in nutrition nor are they educated about pediatric or adult nutrition as part of their college curriculums. Yet, many classroom teachers are giving lessons on “calories, good and bad foods, and even having students log their foods to [...]
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Is Your Tween Hiding Her Lunch?


This week, Mom Dishes It Out answers a question submitted from a real grandma. What steps do you take when you discover that your tween is hiding their food? There are many things to consider such as is your child. Read on to learn more...
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A Cup of Self-Love

self love

Love is in the air—or is it? For some, Valentine’s Day may feel like the whole world is staring you down. Marked by chocolates, flowers and couples holding hands, for some, remember that Valentine’s Day is still just like any other day. And like any other day, we have the ability to control our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves. It is a day that emphasizes love. So, whether you’re celebrating the day with a significant other, your friends, your [...]
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