Back-To-School Pancakes


We love to make pancakes for breakfast on the weekends in our house. The kids each have their roles in the preparation and we get to sit down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast together.
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Is Your Tween Hiding Her Lunch?

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My 11 year old granddaughter is hiding her sandwiches and lunchables that are packed for her lunch in her room; sometimes before she even leaves for school. My granddaughter has hidden evidence of "sneaked" food before when she was very young but this is a new behavior. What should I do?
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This One is for Moms


We can’t function effectively if we are depriving ourselves of enough fuel – and we are destined to swing the pendulum the other direction to try to create balance.
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Raising Children With Different Nutrition Needs

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How should a parent handle instances when one child has a HUGE sweet tooth, and is underweight but the other kids in the same family are a normal weight or overweight? How does a parent deal with this situation in a way that doesn't create food issues?
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What does your child’s sense of balance have to do with trying new foods?


Every parent knows the importance of a balanced diet, but what does the sense of balance have to do with trying new foods? Our sense of balance and movement, originating in the inner ear and known as the vestibular system, is the foundation for all fine motor skills.
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How important is breakfast?

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I do believe that getting food in our kids is important before they head off to school or sports practice/games. I believe it enables better concentration and superior performance, and many studies validate this belief.
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