What eating right means to this mom and RD…

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So while you’re trying to live a life with what you deem as eating right, be sure that flexibility, spontaneity and “ a light hearted” attitude accompany your food choices.
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Parenting 101: Eating Disorders in Kids and Teens

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Moms and dads, how can we as parents, help our children develop a healthy relationship with food? Given the prevalence of both obesity and anorexia, what is an eating disorder and how can we instill healthy and positive values into our children? Despite the challenges we face with how the media portrays body size and image, it is important to guide our children to eat well, be healthy and to accept their bodies. Earlier this month, I joined Mary Waldon in […]
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The Reality of My Food: What this Mom Eats


Someone recently asked me, “Do you only eat organic foods?” People have also asked me, “Are you really healthy?” Others, who do not know me well have commented, “I should probably order healthy since I am sitting at the table with a dietitian.” Let me cure your curiosity!! I eat all foods and so do my kids. So what does this mean? To start off the day, I typically eat what my boys are eating since I can’t resist! Lately […]
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Help, My Daughter Is Overweight.

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Real Mom Question: How do I help my 13-year-old daughter who is overweight?
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There’s More to Your Child’s Food Personality Than Rules and Exposure


American kids can eat almost anything; that’s what I’ve noticed over my past two weeks of travel. If you live in California, your children may be accustomed to eating Mexican meals, snacks from Trader Joes, and occasionally visiting the Donut House for some yummy in the tummy fried dough. If you’re a Colorado native, your kids may enjoy a juicy bison burger, trail mix concoctions and hot cocoa on particularly cool nights. And if you’re from the East Coast, like […]
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Q: Can I teach my child with attention difficulties to be a mindful eater?

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All children, whether they have attention difficulties or not, can benefit from a quiet, calm and soothing environment that’s free of distractions, but it’s just as important to time all meals and snacks too. Here are a few tricks of the trade that can help teach your child how to recognize internal satiation cues over time.
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