A “Massaged” Caesar Kale Salad

Photograph courtesy of ModernMom

Want to get your husband in the kitchen? Well, I was able to get the family active in meal prep with massage. Massaging kale, that is!! It might sound a little wacky but my clients always teach me new things and massaging this leafy super green is just one their great lessons. To read more about kale and to see a great recipe for a "Massaged" Kale Caesar salad, click the link!
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Healthy Weekends in Woodstock, Vermont


With the cool weather and colorful scenery, Fall is the perfect time to head to Vermont to enjoy nature at it’s finest. Plus, there are tons of cute little cafes that offer farm-to-table produce! If you're up for hiking, exploring farms or some homemade ice cream, head to Vermont for a weekend of family fun. For easy planning and a list of mom-approved activities, follow my guide for a healthy, happy weekend!
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