Win a Session with Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People!

BLUE BALLOON SONGWRITING FOR SMALL PEOPLE is a music school founded by songwriter, performer, artist and former Saint Ann’s teacher, Rachel Lipson.  Students at Blue Balloon learn to write, sing, play and record their own compositions, crafting songs more reminiscent of Lou Reed, The Shangri-Las, Vashti Bunyan and Woody Guthrie than the typical nursery rhyme.  The students create fantastically smart, beautiful songs while learning how to play an instrument.

Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People is centered upon creativity, self-expression, self-confidence and having fun. The songwriting lessons are an activity the children truly look forward to.  They take pride in their songs and they take pride in themselves as songwriters.  They serenade their loved ones and collaborate with their friends.  They know the songs they will write are all their own so they write and sing them!

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One 45 minute private song writing lesson in your home.  Ages 3+.  Value: $115.
Restrictions: we travel to most neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  For first-time users only. Expires after one year.