Proud to Be A Mama Gift Giving

Proud to Be A Mama Gift Giving
By Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD and Mom


Are you in need of a last minute gift? Two weeks ago I found these great finds at the Citibabes Holiday Shopping Event. So read on to support moms and I am sure you will be known as one of the coolest gifters this season.

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Moms Are Rocking It. Here are five great companies with entrepreneurial moms and one with a dad that have great products worth gifting this season. So support other moms and give a healthy gift.


The Poncho Baby Nursing Cover – OMG this soft cover is amazing for private breastfeeding in public and can double as a stroller cover. This is the best baby shower gift or holiday gift for those expecting!! And the covers are made in the USA!! Such a cool concept for progressive moms in a big city!


Kalulu Kids – Just love this Brooklyn mom and her beautiful tunics for both boys and girls!! They are soft, super cool and versatile. I asked mom Milbert to make one for me. I love them so much that I want to wear them!!  Oh, they may look French, but these petite garments are proudly made in the USA and do not have a pretentious price tag!!

Little Duck Organics – Okay, so a dad of three started and runs this company. LDQ are cute and healthy snacks, but my favorite thing about this product is that the cups of grains come in a container that converts to a garden complete with seeds. After baby eats the cereal, plant the dish in some soil, water and watch it grow. Superfragilisticexpialidocious! Stuff stockings with these snacks or gift to new moms!!

Bitsy’s BrainFood – Want smart children? Want healthy kids? Two moms, Maggie and Alex have created the first educational cookie that contains omega 3 fatty acids. The cookies are letter shaped for education and contain omega 3 fatty acids for brain development. These intelligent moms got it right, because they put the correct form of omegas – DHA from a fish source in their cookies. And did I tell you they contain ½ serving of fruits and veggies? Yup! I am such a fan that I have now become their spokesperson!! Check out the educational and interactive site and look for my blogs in the grown up’s section.

Atolya – Another brilliant mom just started this brilliant company about two months ago. She is selling the most beautiful Turkish bath towels. Sima, mom and founder of Atolya is originally from Turkey where they use very soft but thin linens. So they absorb the water quickly but dry even faster. The towels are multipurpose!! They can be used for bathing, sun bathing, as a sarong or even as a throw. And they are super light so ideal for beach days or traveling. They are the perfect gift for a new home, a new couple, or a traveling family.


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